About Us

Hamara Kissan (Pvt) Limited (HKL) is a farmer centric services company that is building an inclusive agricultural ecosystem that empowers and serves the farmer. The platform with farmers at the center includes Financial Institutions, Input Suppliers, Farm service providers, Crop buyers, Insurance companies, Retailers and HKL branded fulfillment centers.

Challenge & Opportunity

Many agrarian countries face a fundamental challenge-inefficient use of labor, and farmers being underserved (Pakistan’s 30m farmers or 37% of labor force contribute 23% of GDP).  Agriculture with annual turnover of GDP$60b conducted on 55m+ acres, with average farm size of 6.6 acres remains largely a cottage industry.  HKL’s challenge is to maximize efficiency by enhancing yields, stop leakages and profiteering, by building a farmer centric community that gives them access to transparent, credible information that includes what, where and how to:

  • Obtain competitive financing and insurance to protect their investment
  • Buy unadulterated inputs (such as seed, fertilizer, pesticide, including logistics to their farm)
  • When to sow (according to water availability and climatic conditions)
  • Apply inputs by input suppliers(quantity, time, alternatives and chose from multiple providers of these inputs)
  • Monitor the growth of the crop and notifications for impending natural or pest attacks
  • Utilize farm mechanization and basic yield enhancing strategies through service providers
  • Receive market prices for their produce (multiple buyers offer rates with produce specifications)
  • Connect and learn from other farmers experiences that may not be in their immediate area

Our Mission

Improve the lives of farmers by creating a farmer centric community that provides knowledge, technology and resources to engage in sustainable and efficient farming.

Our Vision

In whichever Country there is a need, build an HKL community-physical from grass roots up and virtually connected through a digital platform that empowers and equips its members with the knowledge and resources to engage in sustainable and efficient farming which improves their lives.

ISP Performance

Input Supply Program (ISP) has proven the operational model and its scalability over the past three seasons.
Revenue has grown 5X and EBIT margin doubled, while keeping Non Performing Loans (NPLs) at a remarkable 0%.

Season 1

Acres / 15 Farmers / 2 Committees

Season 2

Acres / 35 Farmers / 2 Committees

Season 3

Acres / 60 Farmers / 6 Committees

Empowering Farmers with Data.

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